About FetchRex

Hello and welcome to our personal spot on the RetroWeb, something I affectionately call FetchRex.com.  This is a place for kindred retro-technology nerd spirits that enjoy reading about, working with, and sometimes just reminiscing about, classic technology from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  Mixed in is a bit of new technology reviews that have the retro-look-n-feel and are just plain fun.

We  publish articles every week or two covering a range of topics including:

  • Classic Home Computers such as:
  • Retro Video Gaming, including consoles and must-play games
  • Hi-Tech Gadgets that work well in a retro-household
  • Emulators for all sorts of old-tech that’s hard to get these days
  • Tech restoration projects
  • Internet of Things projects and connecting them to retro systems

Who is “Russcky”?

I am Russ (aka “Russcky”), the lead nerd and primary writer for FetchRex.  I work full-time in the Hi-Tech industry in the Big Data & Machine Learning field.  While I enjoy my work, having an outlet outside of that to share and connect with fellow fans of retro technology has always been important to me.

I got the nickname “Russcky” back in the 1980s at Western Washington University in the beautiful college town of Bellingham, Washington.  Along with a good friend Ken (“Kazzerinsky”), we created platform code that was used by many other student users on the shared system that offered automation and helpful apps to get work done faster.  The university’s VAX/VMS mainframe computer’s default naming scheme branded us, but our friends made it stick.

I have a significant Retro-Computer collection that I sometimes suspect other people think of it as akin to collecting spoons or beanie babies from around the world, but just like collectors of those things, I don’t care… I love them.  They are pieces of history that I was a part of and that changed many peoples lives and they still live on today doing the same thing.  Unlike collectors of other things, I try to find ways to use my collectables as much as possible.  It seems a shame to keep them locked up in the attic or closet for the rest of my or their lives.  Keeping them working, even just for playing games, is like a car collector that gets to drive their collectables from time to time.

My big effort lately is bring some of my Hi-Tech experience to my 30-plus year old computers.  Connecting these computers up to the Internet using IOT (Internet of Things) devices such as the ESP8266, MSP430 or RaspberryPi is a goal I have for every one of my older machines.

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A Word about Affiliates

Finally I want to say that some of my articles contain affiliate links to products and services. If you click through and purchase, FetchRex will receive a small commission on the sale.  This is how we help pay to keep the site running and cover other business expenses related to FetchRex.  Rest assured, I only recommend products or services that I personally use or believe will be helpful to my readers.